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All right, we’re going to get started with something simple. Bingo! Hopefully most of you get the idea of bingo, but just to be sure: you ‘win’ by getting 5 in a row in any direction: across, down, diagonally. In this case, we will not play by the “four corners”, and there is no free space.

RULES: Choose five words in a winning pattern and write five separate stories inspired by those words, each under 500 words, OR write a single story that is inspired by all 5 words, between 2000-2500 words.

DURATION: This challenge will run March 1 through March 28. You are welcome to complete and submit this challenge anytime after that, but we will not apply points retroactively.

VALUE: 15 points OR 20 points

"Okay, I’m finished, now what?" I’m so glad you asked. Now you head over the submission page to submit your work. You can do this one of two ways: post the work in its entirety as a text or photo post to the submission blog OR post it to your own blog/site and submit it to us as a link. For this challenge, please tag your submission with March and March1.

Additional points: can be gained by commenting on others’ submissions using the disqus found at the bottom of each submission. If the submission is a link to another site, please still use the disqus on our site to leave your comments, as it is the only way for us to keep track of it (if you want to leave it on their site, that’s fine, but we can’t see it and therefore we can’t give you any bonus points). Remember, each comment (on a separate story) is worth 2 points, and you can receive credit for up to 5 comments PER MONTH. So if you want to hold out until later in the month to start commenting, that’s fine, but remember that your comments should be constructive. Also, very important, don’t be a dick.

If you think you’ll be doing this challenge, please respond with “I’m in!” or something similar so we can hold you accountable (just kidding, we won’t come after you if you don’t turn in your submission, but statistics show that you’re more likely to complete something if you tell people you’re going to.) Obligatory question mark?

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